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Utah Business

Utah Business Magazine is the leading voice for entrepreneurs in the state. To compete in the print marketplace, they wanted to upgrade their image with unique and creative photo shoots that pushed the boundaries of their brand and helped them to stand out. This is a collection of the various covers and article layouts we’ve produced for Utah Business since 2018.


Utah Business is an established magazine in the state as the primary source for industry news with an emphasis on entrepreneurship. As often happens with companies, their internal creative became stagnant without outside perspective and expertise. Looking to “up their game”, Ori Media was hired to work with their new Editor In Chief, Elle Griffin, on exploring new concepts that were louder and more daring than their past issues. Our work with them included photo, video, and layout print design.

Art Direction
Layout Design

Working with Elle allowed us the freedom to bring something never before ventured by the publisher.
— Michael Ori
Donna Bella Hair

Photo and video production for new hair extension line for web, print and Amazon.


Donna Bella Hair is a hair extension company based in Salt Lake City. They came to Ori Media for full media production for their new line of extensions. The project was ambitious and had to be delivered quickly. With over 300 extensions in multiple lengths and color options, we had to solve for shooting and managing 23 models over 5 days in various styles paired with product photography, videos of models, and a a behind the scenes (BTS) video (above) for marketing purposes.

It three weeks of post production to retouch and color over 3,000 photos and 20 videos all to specs for their website and Amazon’s strict guidelines. Once delivered, the client was able to rapidly upload and market their line to the world. Their success with Ori Media has blossomed into a creative relationship that continues their production needs as new lines are released.

Fashion Photography
Product Photography
Fashion Video
BTS Video
Video Editing
Color Grading
Photo Retouching

Video Tours of Asia

A byproduct of years of presenting on the Live Learning Stages, Canon Asia approached us to launch the much anticipated flagship EOS 5D Mark IV. The historic debut encompassed original content Solemn Oath as well as a lecture and live demonstration in a nine country, 28 day tour through Asia. 

"Manilla" from the Canon Asia Tour

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.
— Matsuo Basho

"Forbidden City" from the Canon Asia Tour

A couple of short films shot entirely on the Canon 5D Mark IV, Hong Kong and Manila through the lens of Michael Ori, founder of Ori Media. On a day off from their Canon Asia Tour, Michael and Joey Jonaitis spent the day learning about the amazing history of Manila with fellow photographer Jijo De Guzman and the man with the plan Aron Taz Garcia.

Director Michael Ori
1st AC/AD Joey Jonaitis

Camera EOS-5D Mk IV
Laptops Xidax
Slider Rhino EVO
Lights Westcott Icelights 2

"Hong Kong" from the Canon Asia Tour

Asia is a beautiful country full of diverse cultures, landscapes and imagery unlike anything we’ve ever expereinced. It was a truely life-changing experience.
— Michael Ori

"Solemn Oath" for Canon Asia

Solemn Oath is a story about being true to your spirit and to let go of convention.
— Michael Ori

Canon Asia approached Ori Media 

A short film shot to promote the capabilities of the Canon 5D Mark IV used on our tour of Asia where we featured the film and highlighted our workflow enhanced by the new camera. 

Director Michael Ori
1st AC/AD Joey Jonaitis
Line Producer Ashley Mark
Lighting/Grip Kelly Eaton
PAs Damian Garcia, Dan Sammons, and Stephanie Kirk
Audio Audio Otter

Actor Kacey Landsaw - Groom
Actor Leslie Landsa - Bride
Actor/VO Richard Benedict - Priest

Camera Canon 5D Mark IV
Lenses Canon 24-70mm II
Handheld DJI Ronin
Slider Rhino
Lighting Westcott

Behind the Scenes of Solemn Oath

photography, videoMichael Ori
Waterpocket Distillery




Waterpocket Distillery is a new business that came to us to help them build a great foundation for their growing brand. We worked closely with them to set the tone of the adventure-inspired company, and to provide them with assets they can build on in the future. The website, banner videos, location photography, and product photography tell the story of their unique, craft distilled spirits.


Banner Video for Waterpocket site

490A9765.jpg   preview
Designer Profiles

Promotional Films Featuring LaMar Lisman and the Designers of Lisman Studio

Inspired By: LaMar Lisman

I’m inspired by the energy that comes from good design.
— LaMar Lisman

LaMar Lisman has carefully curated an amazing team of designers to represent Lisman Studio. The InspiredBy films offer a glimpse into the their world by helping clients and colleagues differentiate Lisman designers from competing interior design firms. The videos cover who the designers are, and what makes them so passionate about interior design. It's a project that elevates Lisman to a brand that is more robust than their competition.

Director/Editor - Michael Ori
1st AC/AD - Joey Jonaitis
2nd AC/AD - Dan Sammons
BTS Photography - Steph Kirk

Camera - Canon EOS 1D C, Canon 1D X Mk II, and Canon 5D Mk IV
Lenses - Canon EF 24-70mm & Canon EF 70-200mm
Lighting - Westcott

Inspired By: Scott Ross

Wielding beautiful ideas and concepts that become reality is so exciting; it drives my creativity.
— Scott Ross

Inspired By: Kristina Weaver

Not everything has to match perfectly, it should look like you have collected things over time.
— Kristina Weaver

Inspired By: Belle Kurudzija

I am reminded that magic does exist every time I look into my daughters’ eyes.
— Belle Kurudzija
Andolsek Editorial

High Fashion Editorial Assets for the Andolsek Company

I like to create fancy gowns and use unique fabrics and embroidery so that there are intricate details that sparkle. It’s fun to see a well-dressed woman.
— Michael Ryan Andolsek

For the summer of 2017 ANDOLSEK added new products to their already impressive 2017 clothing lineup.  We wanted to introduce the new products with a fun, colorful set of images set against a white background to inspire a dreamlike feeling to the collection. 

Photographer/Retouch - Michael Ori
Assistant Director - Joey Jonaitis
Model - Hanna Andolsek
Model - Dana Moore

Camera - Canon 5D Mk IV
Lenses - Canon EF 24-70mm
Lighting - Paul Buff Einstein Kit

There’s just this intense focus and attention to detail.
— Michael Ryan Andolsek
The Andolsek brand is about making clothes and making a difference.
— Todd Tanner
Canon Live Learning Stage

Since 2014, we have had the honor of presenting on the Canon USA  Live Learning Stage to provide guests of NAB, WPPI and CES 

NAB with Ori Media

The only thing better then getting to use the latest photo gear is teaching others how to use it too.
— Joey Jonaitis

It has been our pleasure to work with Canon USA over the years presenting our workflow using the Canon EOS 1D C, Canon EOS 1DX II, Canon XC10 and imagePROGRAF printer series. 


Director/Editor - Michael Ori
1st AC/AD - Joey Jonaitis

Camera - Canon EOS 1D C
Lenses -Canon EF 24-70mm

Simply Mac




Simply Mac approached Ori Media looking to update their content library with images customized for their brand. Ori Media held a casting call, identified on-brand talent, scouted locations, and produced a two-day, two-location shoot. 




Lead Photo / Video - Michael Ori
1st AC/DC - Joey Jonaitis
PA - Kristen Bailey-Yoo
PA - Katelyn Williams
PA - Cassidy Eames
Stylist - Alexa Hall

Project Milo: Jake Ori




A touch of dramatic lighting and a killer physic allowed these fitness shots to truly showcase the results of Ben Pakulski's Milo Project. With a regimen of hard work and strict dedication to the program, Jake Ori shows how far you can go to achieve physical health and strength.


Director - Michael Ori
AC/DC - Joey Jonaitis

Camera - Canon EOS 1D C
Lighting - Einstein E640

Elizabeth Jane: FW




These videos, gifs and stills were shot for the talented designer Andrea Black for the launch of her new clothing line Elizabeth Jane. We shot at the new Under Current Bar in downtown SLC; a perfect setting for a fashion narrative that shows the spirit of Elizabeth Jane, the classy rebel. As a part of her launch we also had the opportunity to film an animated gif lookbook by pulling stills from the 4K video and stitching them together in post.


Director - Michael Ori
1st AC/DC - Joey Jonaitis
Model - Lillian Rothey
Art Director - Armand Sanchez
Producer - Casey Chase
Designer/Stylist - Andrea Black

Real Salt Lake: Roster Shoot




We love supporting our local athletes. Here are a few examples of the 2015 Real Salt Lake Soccer Team assets we shot. It's an honor to work with these talented world-class athletes. Check out the rest of the content on the big screens next time you visit the Rio Tinto Stadium!


Director - Michael Ori
AC/DC - Joey Jonaitis

Camera - Canon EOS 1D C
Lighting - Einstein E640