Designer Profiles


Promotional Films Featuring LaMar Lisman and the Designers of Lisman Studio

Inspired By: LaMar Lisman

I’m inspired by the energy that comes from good design.
— LaMar Lisman

LaMar Lisman has carefully curated an amazing team of designers to represent Lisman Studio. The InspiredBy films offer a glimpse into the their world by helping clients and colleagues differentiate Lisman designers from competing interior design firms. The videos cover who the designers are, and what makes them so passionate about interior design. It's a project that elevates Lisman to a brand that is more robust than their competition.

Director/Editor - Michael Ori
1st AC/AD - Joey Jonaitis
2nd AC/AD - Dan Sammons
BTS Photography - Steph Kirk

Camera - Canon EOS 1D C, Canon 1D X Mk II, and Canon 5D Mk IV
Lenses - Canon EF 24-70mm & Canon EF 70-200mm
Lighting - Westcott

Inspired By: Scott Ross

Wielding beautiful ideas and concepts that become reality is so exciting; it drives my creativity.
— Scott Ross

Inspired By: Kristina Weaver

Not everything has to match perfectly, it should look like you have collected things over time.
— Kristina Weaver

Inspired By: Belle Kurudzija

I am reminded that magic does exist every time I look into my daughters’ eyes.
— Belle Kurudzija