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Canon USA: The Shot




Michael Ori captures the adventures of Canon Australia’s Krystle Wright in Oregon. Krystle Wright is a world renowned adventure photographer specialized in capturing nature and the athletes that relish in it. She dreamt up an idea of shooting kayakers in a new way, launching over waterfalls at night, illuminated by Canon 600EX Speedlights mounted to a drone. In order to accurately document the intensity of the shoot and Wright’s creative passion, Ori Media equipped themselves with a string of Canon cameras, including the freshly released Canon EOS 1D X Mk II. In addition to the 1D X, Ori Media utilized the new Ice Light 2 from Westcott Lighting, the Rhino Evo with motion control, and DJI Ronin.

Krystle and Michael met up with the sports best Kayakers in Hood River Oregon to begin their 3 day journey. Day 1 began with an early morning trip to Celestial Falls where Krystle’s vision started to become a reality. As night fell, the two Canon experts captured each moment with passion for their craft. Krystle capturing the fearless kayakers and Michael filming the immense effort tenacious Krystle and her team put into each click of the shutter. The kayakers glided over the waterfalls while the speedlight bearing drone hovered only feet above to illuminate them at precisely the right moment.

The Oregon woods were dark and damp, but the content captured in 3 short days shines a light on the talent and dedication these two experts exude. The result is a beautiful mini documentary produced for Canon USA and Canon Australia about the journey of Krystle and her crew of ambitious adrenaline junkies in pursuit of the perfect image.


Director/Editor - Michael Ori
1st AC/AD - Joey Jonaitis
Camera - Canon EOS-1DX Mk II
Lights -  Canon 600EX-RT Speedlites
Lenses -  Canon 24-70mm & Canon 11-24mm