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The Granary District

One of Salt Lake City's oldest districts, The Granary was the heart of manufacturing, processing and storage of goods. Today, it is finding a new purpose as the center of creativity, gastronomy, brewing and local business. The Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency tasked Ori Media with re-branding the neighborhood, creating a website and a promotional video to help kick-start growth. 


The proximity to downtown Salt Lake City pared with low property costs has turned the Granary District into a thriving maker's space. To help sow the seeds of community, we joing the Granary District Alliance and donated new branding, and website, and promo videos higlighting the community.

We saw this neighborhood begin to blossom and we wanted to be a part of that energy at the ground level
— Derek Kitchen
As members of the Granary District, it was our honor to create a brand that we could all be proud of.
— Michael Ori
Honey: Launch Video




Honey is an organization dedicated to stopping the silence on the subject of sexual assault. they seek to change public attitude through victim advocacy, education, media campaigns, community activism and truth telling. We are so honored that the Honey team gave us the opportunity to help them with their campaign video. Please help the cause and spread the word about the amazing work these women are doing. Visit


Director - Michael Ori
1st AC/AD - Joey Jonaitis
Producer - Casey Chase
Lighting - Brian Roller
PA - Dan Sammons
PA - Katelyn Williams
PA - Austin McBride
Concept - Taylor Jarman, Taylor Mons,
Michael Ori, Casey Chase, and Joey Jonaitis