Lisman Social Media


Full Spectrum of Social Media Applications, Media Imagery, and SEO Analytics

Refining, designing, and optimizing Lisman Studio’s social media accounts led to tremendous growth in a short amount of time.
— Michael Ori

In our day in age, and with a business like interior design it's important to stay ahead of social media trends. Customers go directly to Pinterest, Facebook, and other social apps to get design inspiration and contacts. Fortunately, Ori Media is well-versed in advanced media trends and we understand how to cultivate our client accounts into something profitable and successful.

For Lisman Studio, we started their social media strategy by optimizing their SEO in order to generate reports about the web traffic each platform was receiving and determining what wasn't working for them. We then analyzed the reports, cultivated new imagery, and launched new campaigns to appeal to a larger client base. Lisman Studio's social media got a streamlined revamp that finally pushed them into the modern world.

Creative Director - Michael Ori
Lead Designer - Shadna Aum
Account Manager - Steph Kirk

I take a different approach than many designers do. If a client asks for blue, I’ll often start with yellow.
— LaMar Lisman
Michael Ori