Lisman Designer Portraits


Lisman Company Head Shots 

My goal was to build a company where people could come work and flourish and grow into these talented individuals.
— LaMar Lisman

Lisman Studio has a knack for employing the most unique individuals, all of which have their own specific talents and styles. We wanted to share the diversity of their team through head shots with creative edits.

As with all of our portrait projects at Ori Media, we focus on individuality and personality in every photo we take. By including special interests and focusing in on wardrobe choices, mannerisms, or personal tastes, the members of the Lisman team were able exhibit their own exclusive personalities. 

Creative Director - Michael Ori
Photographer/Editor - Joey Jonaitis

Camera - Canon 1D X Mk II
Lenses - Canon EF 24-70mm
Lighting - Paul Buff Einstein Kit

Great design comes from many minds coming together.
— LaMar Lisman
Design has tremendous capabilities...
— LaMar Lisman
Michael Ori