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Inspiring. Exceeding.

European Marble & Granite’s moto is to inspire their clients and exceed their expectations. After decades of doing just that, their branding was beginning to show its age. It was time for a refresh that encapsulated their moto while paying respect to their heritage.

As a luxury manufacturer of stone architectural features for homes and businesses across the west. They found themselves in the position many companies face after years of success; their branding was never fully developed and was beginning to show its age in a highly competitive marketplace. They approached us with the mission to refresh their brand and to create a assets that can carry them into the future while respecting their past.

The Old Logo


The old logo had several issues that we needed to resolve. The major issue is that the client didn’t have access to a hi-res version of the logo. We wanted to ensure that whatever we provided the client was going to be vectorized and full resolution to avoid future deterioration of the brand.

As for the design, we wanted to solve the issue of the green marble square not being usable on clothing or as a reverse on video and print assets. The second design problem was the use of an old world font that kept it stuck in the past.


The New Logo


To solve for the design issues of the old logo we attacked them one by one. The first step was to create a new mark that was diverse against any media format. Our designers found inspiration for the new mark in tile patterns. We shot new high resolution photos of black and green marble and, after finding a tile design the client liked, we laid it into the the mark and gave it a gold foil outline to set it off a bit.

The font was our second hurdle. To soften the harsh and crowded feeling of the previous serif font, we replaced it with a wider, softer, and more elegant font, Adobe Garamond Pro. The bottom font anchors the entire design and sets the stage for overall branding with Mr. Eaves Sans, a modern and structured sans-serif font.


Creative Director - Michael Ori
Lead Designer - Shadna Aum

Logo & Branding
Asset Design
Web Design
Social Media

Inspiration Samples

White Marble BG.jpg

Mark Exploration

With a successful logo and brand established, we created mock-ups to ensure that the logo and mark could be used in various ways without loosing brand identity.

Print ads, digital ads, and videos were tested and the results have been inspiring.


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Michael Ori