EMG Staff Portraits


European Marble and Granite Head Shots 

We are a family of designers and craftsmen.
— Kathleen Fuhriman

Employees at EMG have one common trait: they're driven by loyalty and dedication. At EMG, each employee is devout to the client, creating works that are meant to satisfy the client's aesthetic and practical needs.

Yet, that is not to say that the employees are not unique; each individual at EMG is distinct in their own way. We wanted to share this diversity of their team through head shots with differing creative edits.

As with all of our portrait projects at Ori Media, we focused on individuality and personality in every photo we took. These members depicted their uniqueness through their expressions, illustrating their dedication and their individuality in their smiles. Thus, the members of the EMG were able exhibit their own exclusive personalities. 

Creative Director - Michael Ori
Photographer/Editor - Joey Jonaitis

Camera - Canon 5D Mk IV
Lenses - Canon EF 24-70mm
Lighting - Paul Buff Einstein Kit

Not one person is more valued than another. Each project takes the entire team to produce the quality our customers have come to expect.
— Tally Stevens

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Michael Ori