Aristo's Story


Promotional Film Telling the Story Behind Aristo's Greek Cuisine

Aristo's Promotional Film

Cretan style cuisine is a culture, not just a definition.
— Aristo Boustsikakis

Aristo wanted a video that would connect him to his consumers, one that would portray his vision and authenticity. This is why we chose to put him in front of the camera. It’s personal, it’s passionate, and nobody can tell your story like yourself.

Comprised of shots of Aristo handcrafting recipes, vivid imagery of fresh ingredients, and interviews with the owner himself, this video captures the fascinating story behind Aristo's Greek Cuisine.

Director/Editor - Michael Ori
Narrator/Principal - Aristo Boustsikakis
1st AC/AD - Joey Jonaitis
Producer - Abbey Tate
HMUA - Kerri Jones

Camera - Canon EOS 1D C
Lenses - Canon EF 24-70mm

We do this day in, day out. We are constantly refining.
— Aristo Boustsikakis
The same way Mom makes it at home is the same way we make it at the restaurant.
— Aristo Boustsikakis
Michael Ori