Aristo's Brand


Logo Design and Brand Assets

Greek food is so much more than gyros.
— Aristo Bousksikakis

Aristo's Greek Cuisine embodies a fulfilling dining experience that entices the adventurous palette. Our design aimed to reflect just that. We used refined patterns and imaginative illustrations to hint at the rich Greek culture and heritage Aristo brings with his food.

Whilst dining at Aristo's, guests will enjoy an authentic atmosphere,  savor his innovative menu, and essentially feel they belong to a family.  With each additional asset we focused on the fundamental aspects of the Greek culture Aristo seeks to share with his community and the wayfaring guests that visit his restaurant.

Creative Director - Michael Ori
Senior Designer - Shadna Aum
Copy Writer - Casey Chase

We do this day in, day out. We are constantly refining.
— Aristo Bousksikakis
Michael Ori