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In the fast-paced world of digital media, video is the best tool to market your brand. Nothing else can catch the eye and share your story.
— Michael Ori

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is told in an entire video? At Ori Media, we believe that stories are the best way to present a brand, person, or product. Video is the one thing in the digital era that can get you noticed and have your message shared across the globe. With a creative team of film makers and artists, we can create the perfect video for your needs. What’s your story?


Solemn Oath

Client: Canon Asia
Project: Cinematic Short using the EOS 5D Mk IV
Deliverables: Photo and Video

The objective of this video was to show the performance capabilities of the EOS 5D MkIV for cinematic use. We toured nine countries in Asia to premier the film at various conventions with Canon. We presented to thousands of videographers, highlighting the features and abilities of the camera along with enhanced our production workflow.


böhme Look book

Client: Böhme
Project: Back-to-School Promo
Services: Video & Photo


Böhme is a retailer of women’s fashion in SLC. Being a regular photographer for their brand, they came to us to create a look book and video for their Back-To-School campaign. The client wanted a video that showed off their aesthetic. The result is this behind the scenes look at the photo shoot for their new collection.


Lucky John Drive

Client: Utah Luxury Group
Project: Real Estate Lifestyle Video
Services: Photo, Video, and Drone

Utah Luxury Group is doing something a little unique with their real estate videos. Instead of an empty sterile vignette of empty spaces, they wanted to help inspire their buyers with showing what the house looked like with life in it. We were hired to create a video for a $6M home in Park City, UT that showed life enjoyed with family and friends.


BTS: Bones of contention

Client: Canon USA
Project: Camera Review Video
Services: Video


Canon USA hired Ori Media to create a cinematic short called “Bones of Contention”. Part of that was to also create a behind the scenes (BTS) look at the creation of the video while reviewing their 1DX MkII camera.



Client: Canon USA x Johnny Bones
Project: Cinematic Short
Services: Photo, Video, Editing

Canon USA came to Ori Media to create a cinematic short to highlight their cameras paired with a local brand. We got together with local motorcycle lifestyle and clothing brand Johnny Bones to create a launch video. The video shows the brand aesthetic, a soul tormented by demons and the tragic relationship of love and pain. This video was showcased by Canon USA with Ori Media at several conventions across the nation.



Client: Xander Mark (US Speedskater)
Project: Olympic Promo Video
Services: Video


Xander Mark is a US Speedskater and Olympic hopeful. This video is hype piece to promote his image while training. That training doesn’t only happen on the ice. Xander does daily workouts that take place in the gym, at the rink, on the roads, and in the mountains. This video highlights that approach and dedication to the spirit of a true Olympian.


Lisman Studio Interviews

Client: Lisman Studio
Project: Designer Profile Interviews
Services: Photo, Video, Graphic Design, Branding, Marketing, Web Design

Lisman Studios was a company that was dying in a new era of marketing. They hired Ori Media to rebrand their company and to create authentic stories. Part of that included a series of interviews with the lead designers of the company. This one highlights Senior Designer Belle Kurudzija.


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