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Ori Print Lab is passionate about creating large format images printed on the highest quality papers with the most vibrant archival inks. Being photographers ourselves, we understand the importance of preserving the integrity of your work.

We've partnered with Canon USA and their suite of printers and drivers that allow accurate color translation, small to large format prints, and  high-definition print heads to ensure that your moments last a lifetime and beyond. Our print lab consists of the image PROGRAF PRO-1000, the PIXMA PRO-1, and the image PROGRAF iPF 8400.

Our goal is to produce prints that take the viewer’s breath away with their accuracy and quality.
— Ori Print Lab


Designed specifically for large-format printing on Canon imagePROGRAF printers, this 12-color pigment ink system provides exquisite photographic output with more expressive black tones, smoother color gradations, and the capability to reproduce the finest details even in the shadows of your photograph. The LUCIA EX ink is archival quality and improves scratch resistance while reducing bronzing and metamerism for consistent output.


Archival Grade
Wide Color Gamut

Scratch Resistant
High Resolution
Smooth Gradation
Reduced Bronzing
Sharper Blacks

We understand the importance of not only shooting stunning images, but being able to reproduce them with a standard of quality that’s difficult to find in Utah.
— Ori Print Lab

Canon ipf8400

Ori Print Lab uses the imagePROGRAF iPF8400 44" Large Format Printer from Canon. It is built for high-end imaging and performance. The wide color spectrum is produced by the 12-Color LUCIA EX pigment ink set, which also provides scratch resistance and smooth gradations. With 12 color ink sets, custom drivers, and Photoshop plug-ins your photos come out clean and vibrant. The new Multi-sensor included with this printer provides improved color density detection and allows for a full calibration. 

With the Canon imagePROGRAF 8400 we are able to print images up to 44-inches on the smallest dimension. A new Color Calibration Management System allows for color calibration targets to be created using the spectrophotometer. The order of ink application and layering is optimized to maintain the highest print quality with fewer passes, making this printer twice as fast comparable models.


Optimizes Layering of Ink
Print Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop
Gallery Wrap Feature
Media Configuration Tool
High-Speed Processing Engine

The end print is a stunning example of how we can capture light, make a memory, and share it with the world.
— Ori Print Lab


Ori Print Lab follows the highest standard archival protection. Every print is handled with 100% cotton inspection gloves. This protects against contamination of the ink and paper by oils in skin. Our work areas are cleaned with archival safe products, and all prints are packaged in 100% archival safe materials. From start to finish we protect your print with the most exacting standards.


Inspection White Glove Handling
Archival Cleaning Products
Archival Packaging Materials

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