2017 ORI MEDIA agency website launch



Canon Master Michael Ori Debuts Full Scale Media & Branding Agency in Salt Lake City, Utah

(Salt Lake City, UT) - Michael Ori (filmmaker, Canon Master, photographer and founder - Ori Media) debuts new website launch for full scale media and branding agency, Ori Media. A Utah native and entrepreneur, Michael’s relationship with Canon USA began when a sales rep for the international camera company saw a billboard featuring Michael’s innovative use of stills from 4k video. This billboard campaign launched him into world-wide recognition. He hosts a portfolio of high-end clients, and Ori Media’s full scale branding, photography and videography agency is located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.


Michael Ori’s rise to fame and the advent of Ori Media:

The 35 year old business owner was born and raised in Price, a small town in central Utah, until he attended film school at the University of Utah. In 2012 Michael was hired as a videographer for a quit smoking campaign,   and utilized Canon equipment in an groundbreaking manner when he pulled stills from 4K video.  The work, featuring stills from 4K video on billboards for the first time, caught Canon’s attention, initiating a relationship with the largest camera manufacturing company in the world. From the initial discovery, the Ori Media  team has field-tested and reviewed numerous Canon cameras - most recently the highly anticipated 5D Mark IV camera. In 2016, Michael joined Canon for a month long press tour through 9 countries in Southeast Asia, commencing with a live demonstration at Canon’s Festival of Photography in Singapore.

Ori Media translates Michael’s talent and passion for photography and videography into the highest level of branding and marketing assets for a variety of notable clients. From shooting portraits at Sundance to designing award winning websites and building nationally recognized branding, Ori Media delivers powerful and innovative marketing, driving sales and transformation. With Ori Media deliverables winning multiple marketing awards for industry leaders, the agency’s work product derives from the creative talents of the leader and talented team members.


A Utah agency with worldwide reach:

After entertaining offers in major cities for collaborative opportunities, Ori Media’s physical location remains purposefully in Utah. The work, however, transcends state boundaries with nationally recognized clients and international speaking engagements. “When we considered our options we decided that we were integrally invested in Utah’s groundbreaking entrepreneurial culture and contributing to local development” Michael explained. “We’re a Utah agency with a worldwide reach.”

Projects, Clients, and Collaborations:

The new site (www.OriMedia.com) debuts portfolio pieces, work product and examples including: Logo Design & Brand Assets, Promotional Films and Video Marketing Campaigns, High Definition Food Photography, Award Winning Web Design, Fashion Photography and Video Series, Brand Identity Development and more.


 We welcome all potential clients and collaborators to contact us at any time. For media inquiries or story development, please email Maggie at Maggie@OriMedia.com. For client inquiries or potential collaborations, please email Joey at Joey@OriMedia.com.




Project portfolios and examples of client work are displayed on www.OriMedia.com and on social media.

Website: www.orimedia.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ori.media/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OriMedia/

Michael Ori