Beehive Startups

"Utah’s startup community is rising. This community, fueled by the successes and failures of entrepreneurs across the Beehive State, offers a multitude of options: events, mentors, investors, wisdom, the list goes on and on. You’ve heard the old sports cliche, “There is no I in team,” but that mantra works across all industries and fields. A community is many different people pushing aside egos, learning, teaching, and most importantly, belonging.

It’s this sense of community that has driven Michael Ori to create Studio Elevn, a Salt Lake City collaborative art studio that gives artists a place to work, connect, and belong.

“It’s all about getting rid of the egos and just seeing the value in everybody and the community, just pushing that out there and helping each other,” Ori told Beehive Startups. “That’s the biggest thing, remembering who helped you and making sure you help them when you can.”


Michael Ori