Canon USA: Leave No Story Untold

Ori Media of Studio Elevn was chosen to be the face of Canon's EOS-1D C camera, as a part of the Cinema EOS "Leave No Story Untold" campaign. The campaign tells the story of 3 media companies. Each highlighting their unique configurations of Canon's cameras and the ways in which their camera kits benefit their services and production. Along with Ori Media, HBO's Vice crew and the filmmakers of The Human Voice share their stories and the benefits of utilizing the cameras that Canon has to offer. 

Ori Media and Studio Elevn are paving the way for Salt Lake City as a reputable and desirable place for filmmakers and other creatives to reside. Michael Ori (Creative Director / Founder) is thrilled to represent Canon and Utah on this level. He reflects, "We can only hope that opportunities like this will bring attention and recognition to the talent of Utah".  The potential for a booming media/ film industry is already in Salt Lake and this crew is a prime example of that. Their innovative ideas and overwhelming talent is making headlines and Canon's Collaboration is just the beginning of big things to come. 

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Michael Ori