"Looking behind the scenes at our local entertainment, it's become increasingly difficult to be proficient in just one thing from a promotional standpoint. Companies that work in the fields of photography, video, commercial audio and other like them are realizing that entertainers can no longer afford to work with several businesses at once. They need an all-in-one location, which has caused many to expand their companies to incorporate many areas and bring in more clients than they had seen previously.

One of the more recent to join this trend is Studio Elevn, a multimedia collaborative production space founded by filmmaker and photographer Michael Ori, along with a crack team of professionals including Heidi Gress, Abbey Tate and KD Rhodes, to provide a unique environment for creative individuals to utilize multiple areas including graphic design, Web design, audio/video, photo and more. Today, I chat with Ori about his career in the business, forming Elevn, the work they're doing and thoughts on where they're headed as an organization."

Michael Ori