The Great Escape: LA


Photo and Video Series

The Great Escape LA: Breanna Box

An online series of impromptu videos and photos shot strictly for explorations in creativity.
— Shadna Aum

[The Great Escape LA] is part of a new series of videos and photos shot with a minimal crew, on the road, and with no real plan or schedules. For our first trip with Ugly Magazine, we drove from SLC to LA. We reached out to models, HMUAs, and clothing companies over Instagram, which led to shooting impromptu sessions with the lovely Breanna Box and Sarah McDaniel. 

Locations ended up in isolated pockets of downtown LA and in the hometown of our local MUA, Janelle Corey. Definitely a challenge in creativity, this ended up being a success and we can't wait to bring you more from future escapes.

Director  - Michael Ori
Creative Director -  Shadna Aum
Photographer - Armand Sanchez
Models -  Breanna Box & Sarah McDaniel
HMUA - Janelle Corey

Camera - Canon EOS 1DC
Lenses -  Canon 24-70mm II Rokinon 85mm


In order to exceed you have to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.
— Armand Sanchez

The Great Escape LA: Sarah McDaniel

Michael Ori