Pelorus Website


Website Design and Photography

Pelorus has always been about perpetually raising the bar in the search for perfection.
— The Pelorus Group

With a foundation already established by our brand and identity creation, the challenge to build a smooth and accessible website was executed with ease. By including pull-quotes and photography we made the site informative, professional, and approachable for Pelorus' potential clientele.

With an organized wireframe and plenty of room to add projects, we gave Pelorus a website that matched their high potential for growth and expansion.

Creative Director/Photographer - Michael Ori
1st AC/AD - Joey Jonaitis
Senior Designer - Shadna Aum
Copy Editing - Casey Chase

Whether you’re comfortable in ties or t-shirts, what you find at our projects, you won’t find anywhere else.
— JT Bramlette, Managing Partner
I’m lucky. I found something I love to do, and to do it with the people I love.
— JT Bramlette, Managing Partner
Michael Ori