Pelorus Branding

Logo Design and Brand Assets

Every decision we make is driven by one fundamental objective: to make the time you spend, with the people you care about most, not merely enjoyable - but memorable.
— JT Bramlette, Managing Partner

The Pelorus Group, a luxury property development firm based in SLC, is one of our fastest growing clients. The company has given us a vast array of projects to produce including: hotel branding, website construction, restaurant assets, research presentations, photography assets, promotional films, and even Pelorus' own corporate branding. 

To meet the needs of a professional and elite development company, we kept the logo-mark, accompanying stationary, and style guides very classic and clean. We chose to shoot live action photos of the team to provide a personal visual for Pelorus' partners and investors. We also chose to hint towards the nature of The Pelorus Group's country-wide based business by pairing a simple typeface with a graphically reduced compass. Our goal in creating the company's brand was to promote a sense of trust and integrity to their current and potential clients.

Creative Director - Michael Ori
Senior Designer - Shadna Aum
Junior Designer - Jessica Erkenbrack

These are places your kids will not only grow up in, but grow to love. That’s what Pelorus is all about.
— JT Bramlette, Managing Partner
We don’t just build buildings, rather we build world class settings where families can create intergenerational memories and enrich their lives.
— The Pelorus Group
Michael Ori