Short Film & Gallery Event for Canon USA

"Moments" Video for Canon USA's From Light to Ink campaign.

You don’t have to leave the ground to fly. Just sit.
— 'Moments' by Casey Chase

'Moments' is a captivating 5 minute film with accompanying photo gallery of which embodies the notion of a mental wanderlust. The Ori Media team came up with the concept after Canon presented them with the opportunity to do an entire gallery for the 'Made in NY Media Center'.

Canon wanted the gallery to highlight our unique workflow, which involves filming 4K video and ripping stills from motion to be utilized as printed images. The campaign, From Light to Ink, is exactly what MOMENTS represents- the literal process from recording to printing images on Canon's ImagePROGRAF Printer.

Director - Michael Ori
1st AC/AD - Joey Jonaitis
Model/Voice Over - Susie Clawson
Producer - Abbey Tate
Line Producer/Writer - Casey Chase
HMUA - Kerri Jones
Camera - Canon EOS 1D C
Lenses - Canon CN-E Kit
Support - Freefly Movi
Lighting - Kenoflo

Don’t you remember the fire inside? The vibrant color of feeling alive?
— 'Moments' by Casey Chase

Production Log 001

I remember how it felt. Weightless. Peaceful.
— 'Moments' by Casey Chase

Production Log 002

But I am here and fear is not a lifeguard.
— 'Moments' by Casey Chase