Tour of Asia


A byproduct of years of presenting on the Live Learning Stages, Canon Asia approached us to launch the much anticipated flagship EOS 5D Mark IV. The historic debut encompassed original content Solemn Oath as well as a lecture and live demonstration in a nine country, 28 day tour through Asia. 

"Manilla" from the Canon Asia Tour

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.
— Matsuo Basho

"Forbidden City" from the Canon Asia Tour

A couple of short films shot entirely on the Canon 5D Mark IV, Hong Kong and Manila through the lens of Michael Ori, founder of Ori Media. On a day off from their Canon Asia Tour, Michael and Joey Jonaitis spent the day learning about the amazing history of Manila with fellow photographer Jijo De Guzman and the man with the plan Aron Taz Garcia.

Director Michael Ori
1st AC/AD Joey Jonaitis

Camera EOS-5D Mk IV
Laptops Xidax
Slider Rhino EVO
Lights Westcott Icelights 2

"Hong Kong" from the Canon Asia Tour

Asia is a beautiful country full of diverse cultures, landscapes and imagery unlike anything we’ve ever expereinced. It was a truely life-changing experience.
— Michael Ori

"Solemn Oath" for Canon Asia

Solemn Oath is a story about being true to your spirit and to let go of convention.
— Michael Ori

Canon Asia approached Ori Media 

A short film shot to promote the capabilities of the Canon 5D Mark IV used on our tour of Asia where we featured the film and highlighted our workflow enhanced by the new camera. 

Director Michael Ori
1st AC/AD Joey Jonaitis
Line Producer Ashley Mark
Lighting/Grip Kelly Eaton
PAs Damian Garcia, Dan Sammons, and Stephanie Kirk
Audio Audio Otter

Actor Kacey Landsaw - Groom
Actor Leslie Landsa - Bride
Actor/VO Richard Benedict - Priest

Camera Canon 5D Mark IV
Lenses Canon 24-70mm II
Handheld DJI Ronin
Slider Rhino
Lighting Westcott

Behind the Scenes of Solemn Oath

Michael Ori