Andolsek Lookbook S/S 2017

ANDOLSEK Lookbook Photography and Behind The Scenes Imagery

I think people enjoy knowing that they can purchase something from a company that is not solely concerned about making money.
— Michael Ryan Andolsek

ANDOLSEK'S 2017 look book concept was designed to show the unique cut and details of each piece in the line.  Compositing one image with the same model in two poses was utilized to highlight the custom sizing ANDOLSEK provides to each customer and the variety of fabrics used in the clothing's design.  

Each piece was meticulously matched with the correct poses, hair style, and prop arrangement, then composited and re-touched to show the product in a striking yet realistic way. 

Photographer/Editor - Michael Ori
Model - Lillian Rothey
Assistant Director - Joey Jonaitis
Behind The Scenes - Steph Kirk
PA - Katelyn Williams

Camera - Canon 5D Mk IV
Lenses - Canon EF 24-70mm
Lighting - Paul Buff Einstein Kit

There is a lot of work that goes into every piece and every detail.
— Michael Ryan Andolsek
Building a brand is quite challenging. To get people to recognize your marks and your signatures is challenging.
— Michael Ryan Andolsek
Michael Ori