Canon at Sundance


Shooting the Canon Portrait Studio at Sundance (2016, 2017)

Every year we look forward to capturing the visionaries of the new and old independent film-makers at the Canon Portrait Studio.
— Michael Ori

Every year, thousands of filmmakers meet in the mountains of Utah for the annual Sundance Film Festival. Canon USA is always present to show their undying support to the independent film-making community.  Over the last two years, Ori Media has been given the opportunity to shoot these passionate creatives and their team/crew/work fam - and show an underlying story of why they do, what they do. We truly believe in the passion. "Do what you love to do

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Photographer -Michael Ori (2016, 2017)
1st AC - Joey Jonaitis (2016, 2017)
Assistants - Katelyn Williams (2016, 2017), Shadna Aum (2016), Dan Sammons (2016), Kristen Bailey-Yoo (2017), Stephanie Kirk (2017), Aaron Hendrix (2017), Kylie Ware (2017)

Camera -  Canon EOS 5D Mk IV (2017) and Canon EOS 5D SR (2016)
Lens -   Canon 24-70mm

Portraits 2017

EOS 5D Mk Iv

Portraits 2016


Michael Ori